Monday, January 17, 2011


I realized today that I haven't really posted any pictures of my new workspace, and since Moosebot has threatened to spam my blog if I don't blog about something, I figured this might be a topic I could cover.

Seen here is the main workspace and my display shelf:

Secondary workspace and sorting area:

Some random crap on the top of the display shelf:

Main workspace (with WIP swamp-racing buggy):

Aside from LEGO, I also collect Hot Wheels cars and other toy vehicles:

I'm not sure exactly how many vehicles I have in my collection, but I estimate somewhere around 450. I am currently working on estimating the value, but I collect for enjoyment, not cash.

Most of my cars are from the late 1990's and later. However, I have been able to find some of my dad's old cars at my grandparent's. Here are a couple beautiful Corvettes, a Hi-Rakers 63' split-window and a Road Champs '57:

For some reason or another, the "Cabbin' Fever" is one of my most favorite Hot Wheels molds:

....And that concludes today's tour. Tune in in another 6 months for more! ;)

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